Our Business

SteriGear is a medical manufacturer providing products to hospitals, surgery centers and skilled nursing facilities. At the skilled nursing facility we are focused on patient wellness and dignity and we are perhaps best known as the creator of The Fig Leaf ™. This product has a significant impact in three areas:

  1. Restoring patient dignity
  2. Improving the environment for caregivers and visitors
  3. Helping care facilities meet “quality of life requirements”

In the operating room we are known for our equipment drapes and covers. Our drapes are the product of years of experience and make for efficiency in operating room changeover. The OR tech can count on strong, well-labeled drapes and the surgeon can appreciate consistent quality that fits the C-arm or microscope perfectly. Call us for C-arm drapes, ultrasound probe covers, urology drain bags and microscope and camera drapes. We offer innovative design and quality products. But most importantly, “terrific customer service as a strategy” is our philosophy.